· How are you using yours?
· What is your highest and best use?
· What are you doing that you shouldn’t be doing?

Each of us needs to focus on utilizing our talents to maximize our own
productivity. It will cost you time, and money, to tackles those tasks that don’t
require you - or don’t use your strongest skillsets.

Let me take on those responsibilities for you.

Time is a precious commodity.

Welcome To Providing Time, as your virtual personal assistant,
let me take over some of your workload so you can . . .
Simplify, Organize, Smile.

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I do the numerous time-consuming and sometimes
tedious tasks that do not actually require YOU to do.

I remove jobs from your “mental inbox” and allow
you to focus where you can have the most impact,
on what matters most to you, your family, or your business.

I simplify your life, giving you time to focus on your highest and best use.

Services and more…


I complete your tasks/projects and over time,
work to develop a relationship with you that allows
me to effectively manage your to-do’s. End result –
You spend more time on efforts where you can add
the most value – to you, your business, your life.

I am your virtual assistant working from my own
office completing your requests, anticipating your needs,
and coordinating your life and business.

Long or short term, ongoing or periodically – whatever works for you.

Services and more…

Some Of Our Clients

Not a luxury only for the wealthy or the Fortune 500’s. - With affordable rates and different pricing options. We will create a plan that works for you, your to-do list, and your budget.


Simplify your business by hiring a virtual assistant

You will be surprised by how much and how quickly I can reduce your to-do list, providing you with time.

–  You need a quick analysis of your monthly expenses for inclusion on your invoice to your primary client—and you just don’t have time to get to it.

–  You’re ready to schedule your client seminar—but where will you hold it, who can track RSVPs, should I serve breakfast or just coffee?

–  Your inbox is just overflowing—junk intermingled with important emails. It’s overwhelming and you can’t find anything.

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Stephanie O’Donnell-Galiber

Remodel Ease

Kim is amazing to work with! She is extremely timely and efficient in all that she does. She has honestly given me back countless hours in my life by hiring her. What would take me days to accomplish, seems to take her minutes to prevail. I wish I could hire her as my very own personal assistant for everyday!

Cheryl Hokanson


Kim is extremely detail oriented as well as a pleasure to work with. She assisted me in creating a direct mail piece that I had put off for too long. She exceeded all of my expectations and I look forward to working with her again!