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Document Processing

Provide support for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations (via MS Office tools) as well as e-Newsletters to help “professionalize” each—putting forth your best product possible.

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Email Management

Provide structure to your inbox including folders and rules to help organize the overwhelming onslaught of emails. Respond to, file, or discard those I can for you. Provide summary of priority messages.

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Organization Support

Assist you in identifying goals, tasks, priorities, delegate-able items, alternative options, etc. and holding your feet to the fire to do what you say you want to do.

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Provide assistance in maintaining your finances such as – processing credit card payments, creating invoices, paying bills, tracking payments, and developing and maintaining spreadsheets.

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Have ideas in your head but just cannot get them written down? I can. Whether developing drafts that you can then modify or editing your drafts to reach a final version, we can work together to put your thoughts into words.

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Research, examine and provide conclusions relevant to inquiries, potential scenarios or problems in your business, in areas such as revenue fluctuations, calendar over-scheduling, and best practices.

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Handle the details required to hold/host a meeting, retreat, training session, or small scale business event, including venue selection, speaker coordination, materials, invitations, etc.

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Client Support

Respond to the multitude of client/prospect questions that don’t actually require you to do so. In addition, maintain client/prospect lists and reach out with touch points where needed.

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Travel Planning

With your preferences in mind, provide basic travel arrangements for meeting with clients, prospects as well as for non-business get-togethers or a much needed vacation.

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Call for personal assistant help
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I am your personal assistant, virtual in nature, providing a range of services that enable you to have time to focus on your business as you see fit. The services available include administrative, logistical, scheduling, financial, and organizational assistance for small businesses and entrepreneurs. With affordable rates and different pricing options, I will create a plan that works for you, your to-do list, and your budget. Let me take over some of your workload so you can . . .

Simplify, Organize, Smile.


Services Brochure

To download and print a detailed brochure of the virtual assistant services we offer, simply click the download button.

Jennifer Adams

Owner , J Adams Attorneys

I like to believe that hiring Kim at Providing Time was the smartest decision we’ve made in a while. We simply decided not to wait any longer to get our personal records and bookkeeping organized. She now takes our mail every week, sets up our on-line banking for the month, and gives us useful reports. Kim also helps sort out sticky problems as they come up – so we can focus on our business and make the most of family time.

Bill Clark

Owner , Clark Leadership Group

"Kim is excellent at handling details and creating systems. She keeps me out of the weeds."