Frequently Asked Questions

Get the most out of hiring a virtual assistant

Providing Time will help you to focus your time and energy where you wish by reducing the number of routine responsibilities that require your time.

WHO are your clients?

I work with small businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals – anyone with a need or desire to simplify and organize their busy life can benefit from these services.

My clients have included:  an author, wealth advisor, HR specialist, condominium Board of Directors, photographer, attorneys, non-profit Executive Director, website design company, executive business coach, acupuncturist, health insurance representative, water services company, and many more.

WHAT are you providing?

I am your virtual assistant, working remotely to provide a range of services that enable you to have time to focus on your life/business as you see fit.  I help you Simplify, Organize and Smile.  The services available include administrative, logistical, creative, analysis, research, scheduling, writing –  catered precisely to your needs.

How to use a virtual assistant

WHY do clients use your services

Small businesses use my services because I offload their tedious but necessary tasks. Also, I work out of my own office, I am not on their payroll (no employee-related taxes, benefits, insurance), and I am only used when needed. As a result, I am a cost effective option.

In addition, many entrepreneurs and small business owners excel at their craft, or sales, or some particular aspect of their business.  Seldom do they excel in all areas required to run a successful business. My support allows you to focus on your passion while ensuring your business runs successfully.

HOW do I get started?

To begin, simply call me at (301) 538-5993 or email me at I will set up a client profile for you by interviewing you in person (within the Washington DC/Baltimore area) to discuss your needs, schedule and budget requirements. I prefer an initial face-to-face interaction, where feasible, as I want my clients to know who I am, how I work and to feel comfortable in coming to me with questions, requests and concerns. But, Skype works too!

WHERE do you provide services?

Given the “virtual” nature of my work, I can support anyone located in the U.S. as long as they are willing and able (phone, email, text, Skype, etc.) to work with me remotely. I am located within easy driving distance of the Washington DC/Baltimore metro area.

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"My support allows you to focus on your passion while ensuring your business runs successfully."

Providing Time Owner, Kim Grounds

(301) 538-5993

Rita Siprak-Weil

Minuteman Press

I've recommended Kim's services to several of my friends and business customers. If you are short on time, she is the perfect person to come to for help. She's like an extra pair of hands when you are too busy working on other areas of your business. She can write procedures, input data, pull together marketing materials, etc. Give her a call and discuss your needs, I think you'll be surprised on how much time and energy you will gain when you outsource some of those tasks on your list!

Amy Polefrone

HR Strategy Group, LLC

Kim is my “right hand”, or as I often refer to her, “the other part of my brain.” When I am flustered or feeling disorganized, I have a call with Kim and she helps me prioritize administrative actions and provides suggestions as to what she can take off my plate. She’s a godsend – and my most reliable team member. Other tasks she handles for me: monthly e-newsletters (drafts them, even writing articles for me); website updates (she communicates with my website guy); holiday cards (she handles everything from ordering to addressing to postage); doing reference checks for me (for my clients); researching projects for me, etc. Kim is excellent with details (while I'm not). She always meets her deadlines and she "nudges" me to meet my own - which I so appreciate. Kim is smart, professional and friendly and I never hesitate to have her talk to my clients or vendors on my behalf. Bottom line, I can’t say enough how much I enjoy working with Kim. I trust her to help me. She really "provides time" for me so that I can spend more time with my clients.